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PORTlíngua is a private school, established in 1990, exclusively for teaching Portuguese to foreigners.
All our staff is academically qualified and has a broad experience of teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.
The teaching material is prepared by PORTlíngua and oriented to the different types of courses, interests, professions, motivations and the students’ ages.
There is a greatflexibility in the organization and planning of the courses, always adapting them to the students’ needs.
Personalized teaching is possible due to the reduced number of participants per group.
A methodological approach is developed based on communication and dialogue situations.

Emphasis is placed on the students’ self-confidence as well as on his/her linguistic competence.
Our method gives fast and effective results at everyday professional or study level. We provide an informal and friendly working environment
accompanying the whole adaptation process of the student to Lisbon, to Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking world.

Our students have various nationalities, professions with different motivations for learning Portuguese as a foreign language.

Governmental and non-Governmental and other Humanitarian Organizations or Missionary Congregations
___for cooperation with Portuguese-speaking African countries, Brazil, Timor Loro Sae and Macao;
Chief executives of companies and senior embassy staff;
University students.

Our services

To reinforce the permanent follow-up of our students and adaptation process to Lisbon and Portugal, we provide information on transports,
places of interest and cultural activities among many others upon request.
We provide e-mail, fax, telephone and Internet facilities.
The students have easy access to our library and audio and video materials.
We also help the students to find accommodation during their stay in Lisbon.

home stay guest house hotel aparthotel

All places are located in central Lisbon and served by public transport.


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